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Hand Sanitizer Sprays And Gels

Rich and Ruitz and GermaSafe are trusted brands that have been established for many years and it is for this reason we proudly stock their hand sanitizers. Now more than ever we should be protecting ourselves to ensure we stay safe and germ-free. When handwashing is not an option hand sanitizer should be used.  All our hand sanitizer sprays are 80% alcohol-based and the sanitizer gels are 70% alcohol based. 

No sticky residue, just clean, germ-free hands. All our hand sanitizers fully conform to FDA guidelines and the World Health Organisation hand rub formulation.  Instant dry sanitizers, gentle on the skin with no residue, our Vitamin E sanitizers are enriched with fragrance to keep your hands clean and fresh. Our hand sanitizers eliminate bacteria and kill germs without the need for water, while at the same time expelling odour. Reach for a premium scented hand sanitizer you can trust to prevent the spread of infection and disease when you are unable to wash with soap and water. Shop now and keep yourselves protected.

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