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Capture the essence of the Middle East with Orientica

Capture the essence of the Middle East with Orientica

Arabic perfumery has taken hold of the world of fragrance, with a highly sought-after ingredient taking centre stage. Known as oud (or oudh) – derived from Agarwood, a vital natural component that has made certain major western perfume brands so popular.  The rich tapestry of this valuable scent has been integral to middle eastern fragrances, with mentions in the book ‘A Thousand and One Nights’, to the renowned tales of the explorer Ibn Battuta, Agarwood takes pride a place in the culture and traditions of the Middle East.

Grown throughout South-East Asia, Agarwood is produced over time from a naturally occurring mould, that in turn creates a dense, dark and fragrant resin, resulting in a much sought after resource for creating Oud fragrances. Through distillation techniques perfected over time, producing an oil which is then blended to produce a perfume which is both nuanced and natural, when combined with a host of ingredients offers multi-layered notes and intensity.

Used in the form of Dehn al Oudh or Agarwood Oils for perfuming the body, and as Bukhoor or Incense to add fragrance to the home, infusing the mind, body and clothing, in readiness for guests when celebrating weddings, special occasions, and as a status symbol due to the luxurious nature of Agarwood. Combined with the distinct aromas of Rose, Amber, Musk, and Oudh, takes you on a scented journey of discovery of Middle East fragrances.  

Experience the finest floral, fruity and spicy aromas and sensual scents of the orient and wear it your way with our range of 6ml roll-on Perfumed Oils, 30ml Travel Sprays, and our Men’s, Women’s and Unisex Eau de Parfums, find the fragrance that encapsulates you.