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Mural De Ruitz Middle Eastern Perfumes

Want to be the one who pushes boundaries when it comes to your choice of scent and perfume? It's time to change to Orientica, Arabian perfumes and fragrances that will push all the boundaries. Our range of Mural Arabic perfume, allows you to indulge and immerse yourself into a world of exotic fragrances. Fresh, citrus, woody and floral scents will, transport you to somewhere exotic.

Mural De Ruitz luxury perfume is available in a range of notes with the base note that of Amber and Patchouli. The middle and top notes change according to the aroma that we enjoy. The success of these Arabian perfumes is the way the ingredients elevate the fragrance given. Suitable for all age groups, Mural fragrances are definitely one for the collection. Longevity from the fragrances ensures you will leave your scent wherever you go.

Available both for him and her, we offer a range of unisex options too. Perfect fragrances for everyday wear, business meeting or party, one thing you can be certain of is the compliments and attention you will garner.

Unleash the charm and create your own persona with one of our Murul fragrances.